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Your Life, Your Choices

Updated: May 7, 2020

You Have the Power to Flick the Switch


We feel it, we know what it is, but we often act like there “ain’t nothin’ we can do about it.”

Years ago, I gave many talks and led retreats about how to reduce stress. I taught people how to breathe to become calm and present in the moment, and how to recognize what they could change and what they couldn’t change in their lives.

I gave them action steps and coached the people who really wanted to make changes. I wrote books and articles. I still do.

But some people choose to stay stressed. Yes, you read that correctly. Choose.

Not everyone wants to make the

choices necessary to have a better life.

There are a couple things going on here. One is the “Stress Competition.” This is similar to what I have noticed about sleep deprivation. Who has had the least sleep? I’m more tired than you! Who has the most stress? My life is harder!

Stress is real and it takes its toll on your body and spirit. But it isn’t something that you have no control over. You have control. You can deal with it. You can change your life.

I have never understood the pleasure of complaining without making changes. I do think there is some sort of pleasure in this. There has to be something they are getting out of this.

I know my personality is such that I like taking action. I like figuring out what to do and actually doing it.

This part of me has helped me achieve amazing results in my life. It also makes me a great life coach. However....I still don’t get this stubbornness.

Many times, people know exactly why they are stressed. They see the results, they feel the results, they suffer and yet...choose to stay stuck.

There are always choices. Always. We make choices from the minute we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night. All day, you choose and you choose your thoughts too.

It’s a matter of changing habits. Don't be afraid of changing habits! You will be ok. Might it turn your life upside down? Yes. That could be a good thing.

Make decisions that will improve your health.

What the hell are you clinging to for goodness sake?

A friggin piece of chocolate?

A humiliating job or relationship?

I recently came into contact with the most stressed out woman I have ever encountered. All of her own choices have led her to this angry, unhappy state of mind, and she even knows the causes. And yet, she will not make the changes to have a happy life. I don’t get it.

We have no idea how long we will be here. You could be here a really long time. How will you choose to live? Blaming stress for all your problems? Or making changes and deciding to live a better, healthier life? It’s totally up to you!

If this post speaks to you and you want some healthy ideas to start making changes, please see my earlier post

It's Your Choice! Start Today!

Your comments/thoughts are extremely welcome below! Please scroll to find our comment section.

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2 Yorum

Diana Fletcher
Diana Fletcher
17 Eyl 2018

Hey Cynthia! Thanks for writing. I am smiling about the chocolate. Good luck with your new home and your healthy changes!


17 Eyl 2018

Oh my gosh, “a friggin piece of chocolate?”. Best line ever! I am going to think about that whenever I reach for something that will not benefit me in any way. I have been evaluating my stress this year and came up with things to do - I decluttered which led me to sell my condo that was too big and the upkeep/cost was stressful, I paid off debt and now tackling my food habits and getting moving!

In 2 weeks I will be moving to a new place that is the right size for me and my few possessions. :). Because of less debt I can now increase my retirement plan contributions. Just waiting for the pounds to…

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