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Diana Fletcher’s life as a writer, life coach, activist and speaker, is dedicated to helping people experience happiness, equality, safety and good health.


All of Diana’s writing and teaching emphasizes the importance of learning to love yourself. She encourages all of us to look at our lives with honesty. Diana Fletcher shares her own life stories and experiences as lessons of wisdom from one survivor to another. Diana’s energy, authenticity and humor, combined with her extensive knowledge and loving sensitivity, touches her audiences in ways that often help them change their lives.

Diana Fletcher is the author of the International Bestseller, Happy on Purpose Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women revised and expanded edition. This delightful book has daily inspirational messages and a simple but powerful Happy Action for each day. Diana is also a contributing writer for Kudos Magazine in Michigan. 


All of her self-care books are available via Amazon, Nook and the following locations:

If you own a business & would like to carry Diana's books, please reach out to her via e-mail.

TAZ Writer's Conference, September 2017

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