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WHAT IF You Were Already FUTURE YOU?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

What if you were already future you?

What if you already had the ideal job? What if you had already lost the weight?

What if you were already living where you want to live? 

What if You Were Future You?

What if?

What would that look like, and more importantly, what would it FEEL like?

Suggestion: Try feeling that way right now.

A few years ago, my sister was quite angry with her husband when he was being truly annoying. She could feel the irritation getting worse, when suddenly she thought, “What if I wasn’t pissed off? What would that feel like?” She envisioned that, and suddenly, her irritation faded. She breathed more easily and thought, “I like how this feels much better.” (I know her husband felt better too.)

My sister and I often remind each other of this simple, yet powerful way to look at our habits and to change our thoughts.

Let’s take weight loss. Instead of thinking about it as denial and punishment with a bit of self pity thrown in, what if you change your thoughts?

Here’s what this would look like:

You are deciding what to eat.

You say to yourself, “What if I was already my ideal weight? What if I had already attained my goals?

I certainly wouldn’t eat a bunch of junk, because I would have already learned healthier eating habits. As a person who weighs FILL IN THE BLANK FOR YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT , I always eat healthy foods so that I won’t gain the weight back. 

If I already weighed  IDEAL WEIGHT, that means I have successfully changed my eating habits. I will make choices AS IF I have already attained my goal weight! Yay me!”

You can see where this is heading.

Once you do this long enough, what you want becomes reality.

What if I ignored rudeness and only reacted with kindness?

What if I didn’t get angry with my family? What would that look like?

What if I could view the political climate without anger, and listened to other viewpoints? What if?

Cool, Calm and Collected

It can be fun to imagine yourself cool, calm, and collected.


The results will encourage you to keep it up.

What if I already had my ideal job?

Thinking, “What if?”

When you have a job you love, you approach it with enthusiasm, happiness and focus. These are the feelings that will help you move toward your ideal situation. Louise Hay said (and you know she is one of my heroes) that if you say you hate your job and bitch about it all the time, it doesn’t matter if you change jobs, you will hate that one too. (I have paraphrased here.)

Louise points out that if you hate your car and complain about it, getting mad everytime you drive it….it won’t matter if you buy a different one. No matter what car you have, you will hate that one too.

When you take the time to view yourself and your world differently, your world changes.

What if I always got enough sleep? What would that look like?  What actions would I automatically take in the evening? Practice those actions.

What if I didn’t react to negativity? How would I react instead? What would it look like?

What if I try that?

What if?

What if I didn’t gossip?

What if I liked to exercise? What exercise would I like to do, if I liked it? What would that look and feel like?

When you change your thoughts, you can change your life.

This is a powerful way to act.

What if you changed your life?

What if you already had?

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1 Comment

Diana Fletcher
Diana Fletcher
Jun 20, 2018

What if you had already changed your life?

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