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The Art of Practice

In order to get better at anything, we need to practice.

Serious Dancers Know It Will Take Practice

Dancers take lessons, practice and realize it will take time to learn.

If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, you practice. If you want to get better at playing that instrument, you have to continue to practice and not give up.

When we start to learn yoga or meditation, it is referred to as a Yoga Practice or a Meditation Practice.

The only way to learn, and establish healthier habits is to PRACTICE.

What if that is how we started approaching our goals?

Not as something to become

perfect at, but as a skill we practice each day?

Many times, this is how it goes. You try something, you don’t succeed, you feel discouraged, and you give up. The frustration made you feel defeated before you barely started. You get tired, sad, angry and disappointed because you aren't seeing the results you want.

Then your internal dialogue gets ugly with name calling and bullying yourself about your incompetence.

What if we stopped making severe rules and being so hard on ourselves

and “practice the habit we wanted to establish?

Here is an example:

Want to feel healthier? Practice going for a walk each day.

Doesn't that feel as if it is more doable?

If you are “practicing” you are establishing the behavior you want without the success/failure focus.

Want to stop snacking in the evening?

Practice not buying junk food the next time you are at the grocery store.

Want to have a more organized closet?

Practice hanging up your clothes after you wear them and practice keeping a bag nearby for the clothes that don’t work for you anymore.

Want to feel calmer? Practice counting to ten and practice deep breathing before you speak.

Want to feel more rested? Practice going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. Just practice.

Want to stop feeling so negative?

Practice thinking more hopeful thoughts and being kinder.

Practice is still a plan to move forward with our goals.

It is not giving up.

It is a recognition that sometimes the behaviors we are trying to establish, and the changes we are trying to make, can be difficult. They take practice.

We did not establish our behaviors and routines overnight.

It takes practice to change them.

Just practice what you want to do.

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