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Spirit Care: How Is Yours Feeling?

Your Spirit Extends All Around You.

Your spirit makes you, you.  It is ageless. Your spirit lives within you and extends all around your human body. Your spirit, like everything else in the universe, has a powerful energy and is constantly vibrating.

Go inward. Feel the love of your spirit.

It sends all of your feelings and thoughts of love or hate out into the world.    

Your spirit has no age. However, just as your body feels fatigue, so can your spirit. When we feel sadness, depression or anger, our spirits are fatigued. 

Ask yourself these questions to evaluate the condition of your spirit:

  1. Am I often in a bad mood or angry? 

  2. Do I often feel annoyed with other people?

  3. Do I criticize myself and others?

  4. Am I constantly rushing?

  5. Am I bored or frustrated with my life?

Did your answers make you uncomfortable or defensive?  That is a signal that you need to pay attention to your spirit.

When I started writing this post, I had a whole list of suggestions to make you feel better. Then, as I was listening to Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now, I realized that the one thing, the most important action I needed to tell you about, is the action of living in the present.

"This is the most powerful way to replenish and comfort your spirit.

It is the secret to living life fully."

Another one of my spiritual teachers is Eknath Easwaran.

He said, “Beneath the surface level of conditioned thinking in every one

of us there is a single living spirit.”  

This reminds me that I am not just a body.

I am going to suggest two simple actions to help you begin to replenish your spirit and live in the present. 

  • Begin your day with some quiet by yourself. Make your tea or coffee, settle into your seat and stop any other action. Ask yourself this question: What am I thinking about right now? This forces you to focus on the present. That’s all you have to do. If possible, set a timer to do this every hour. Stop whatever you are doing, and ask yourself, What am I thinking about right now? If you notice that your answer is about the past or the future (even a few minutes into the future) pull your thoughts back to right now.

  • Pick one simple daily task. It could be preparing food or making your bed. It can be anything that you do every day. You are going to practice being totally present. Let’s use the bed making as an example. Stay focused on the activity. Notice the strength in your arms as you pull the covers up to the top of the bed. Pay attention to the the softness of the sheets and blankets. Take a few seconds to feel the pleasure of a finished task. Say thank you for your comfortable bed and home.

These actions are a form of meditation. You are training your mind to be in the present where your life is taking place. You may feel an unexpected calmness in those few minutes. Enjoy it.

Life can be difficult, but you can make your path easier

by paying attention to your spirit.

Embrace the seconds of calm you will feel when you practice living in the now. After a few weeks, re-visit the questions above. Have your answers changed?

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