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Hey #NotAllMen!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

We never said it was all men.

And if you heard that, it’s not the majority.

But the majority wants you to shut up.

Be Quiet and Listen.

#NotAllMen You have not earned the privilege you think you have; to mansplain every fucking thing to us. Even our own realities. Especially our own realities.

#NotAllMen Stop interrupting us; stop inserting your voice into our conversations. Your mouths need to close.

#NotAllMen You must stop with your ridiculous need to not-let-us-get-a-word-

In-when-we-have-something-to-say-and-you-think-you-know-better-about-everything. Shut up.

That is, if you truly believe your #NotAllMen statements and want to learn.

#NotAllMen You have not protected us. There is this false idea that men protect women. They don't. You don’t, so shut up.

#NotAllMen Have you ever sent an unsolicited dick pic? You know what? You suck.

#NotAllMen Have you laughed at jokes about abuse, rape, or domestic violence? (Of either male or female victims)?

#NotAllMen It is not enough to be a good man who has never assaulted, harassed or disrespected a woman.

#NotAllMen It is not enough to not make misogynistic or racist comments.

#NotAllMen It is simply, not enough.

#NotAllMen Nobody's perfect but you can do better.

#NotAllMen We need you to try to understand what we are telling you.

#NotAllMen When we tell you statistics about male violence toward women, we aren’t starting a contest to decide who has it worse.

#NotAllMen We are telling you because we are scared and angry.

#NotAllMen Every fucking day of our lives, we have to be scared of male violence.

#NotAllMen Every fucking day of our lives, we have to be ready to respond/not respond to male comments, touches and oh yeah---THE UNASKED FOR DICK PICS!!!!!

#NotAllMen Every fucking day, we are interrupted, talked over, and told in all sorts of ways to shut up. So now, I'm telling you. I'm speaking for all of us who are so very tired--YOU need to shut up.

#NotAllMen We need allies and it’s going to have to be good men who step up. And it will be damn inconvenient.

#NotAllMen You will have to shut up. You will have to stop yourself from bursting out with EVERYTHING YOU KNOW TO BE RIGHT!

#NotAllMen You will have to listen, really listen and learn. (learn!)

#NotAllMen We need allies. And don’t write to me and mansplain why we don’t.

I am dedicating this post to Mona Eltahawy who is an amazing activist

& someone who has profoundly influenced my life.

Mona, I took Chapter Three, Profanity to heart today.

P.S. #NotAllMen You CAN however write to me for tips & strategies on active listening!

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