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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Imagine this:

The danger is not to women. Rapes don’t happen in society, but surprisingly, dicks get cut off quite often. At an alarming rate. We call this Castration Culture. Men complain but there is nothing society does to stop it.

@dicoach What if it wasn't a #rapeculture? What if it was a #Castrationculture & #men had to be afraid? (Diana Fletcher)
Be Careful. Perhaps a Self Defense Class?

The newspapers talk about it and describe what the man was wearing and doing at the time that may have influenced him getting his dick cut off. The reporters get complaints about titillation in their reporting.

People make jokes about it. Men are afraid of everyone and places like dark alleys. Sometimes, women tease men and hold a knife near their lower region, and pretend they are going to hurt them, then they laugh. People make jokes and references to this part of their body and men feel uncomfortable. When the men don’t laugh, people make fun of them and tell them to lighten up.

Groups of women are suspect, but they are easily avoidable if you walk in safe places. Men are given lists of things they can do to avoid castration. Don’t wear clothing that allows easy access to penis. Don’t go places where you are alone and defenseless. Carry keys between your fingers, and perhaps take a self defense class.

Many times though, the violence happens in the home. It is surprisingly common that many dicks are cut off in the home. It's often cut off by someone the man knows.

This is called Date Castration. This is especially difficult to prosecute as the men, well, you know they were asking for it.

Every movie and television show has a hint of danger for men.

In our #RAPECULTURE #violence is seen as normal. (Diana Fletcher)
How Can They Be So VIOLENT?

Castration is seen as entertainment. Isn't it exciting to know this could happen to any man at any time in any movie or television show? There is always a danger of their cock getting cut off! There is always a scenario when they need to worry about this. The detectives arrive at the scene, and they are told it’s a male victim. First question: has he had his penis cut off?

Now we get a brief look at the dead body and the male detective winces, because there it is again, a penis cut off. We may also get to look at all the body parts left during the autopsy because again, this is entertainment.

The suspense, the sexual tension, the entertainment!

Oh, one more thing. Many people do not go to prison for this, because it’s usually the man’s fault. (C'mon. We all know it!)

Wouldn’t men get tired of this?

I would love to hear your comments

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