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What Would YOU Write in a Letter to Yourself?

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

What would you write to your future self? Or your past self?

I have been observing people all my life.

As a young child, I would observe people to decide how I wanted to act and what I wanted to be like. Sometimes I was pleased and noted what made that person so delightful to be around. I thought about how they made me feel about myself and how they made others feel.

Sometimes I was horrified by what I saw and even at a young age, I thought about the effect words and actions could have on a child.  I observed and remembered how people could make me feel small, shamed or disempowered. 

I made promises to myself to never do those things as an adult. I actually kept notes in diaries and journals, so that I wouldn’t forget.

I haven’t.

I learned who and what I wanted to be, and who or what I DIDN’T want to be.

At this time in my life, I am making the effort to decide how I want to grow old.

My paternal grandmother lived until the age of 95, and my father to age 89. My mother is 96, and still here. So, I have to assume, I will have a long life.

I am happy about that; however, I want to make sure my life is one of peace and acceptance. As I approach the next decade of my life, I want to continue to be happy and to make a difference in our world.

A few years ago, I purchased a book entitled LETTERS TO MY FUTURE SELF.  It is actually a collection of envelopes. Each envelope unfolds so that you can write the letter and there are different headings such as Where I want to go…, All the things I’d like to try someday… and I promise to myself…

I have written a few already. There is space to write when you would like your future self to open the letter. (There are fun little stickers to seal the envelopes shut, too.) 

You can write the year you want Future You to open it, or the age you want to be when you read your words again. 

I have written words to remind my future self what I feel at each age. I write to future Diana to remind her of my observations.

I write to future Diana to remind her how to make her life happy.

I don’t want to be an old person whom no one wants to be around. I want to be vibrant and alive.

Before the letters, I had actually made a checklist for my future.

I would like to share the checklist with you here. These are reminders to myself, guidelines, and ideas I use in my letters to my future self.

I have a theory that as we age, we become more of what and who we already are. If you don’t like some of your own behavior or some feelings you have now, this is the time to think about that and change!

Make your present more pleasant and your future will be too.

Please feel free to use any and all of these ideas to help you on your path.


  1. Do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself.

  2. Use nice things. Don’t save stuff for a special time. The special time is now.

  3. Let go of all resentments. Don’t waste energy on that.

  4. Don’t complain.

  5. When people call/visit, ask them about themselves, their work, their families and their interests. Listen.

  6. Exercise.

  7. Laugh. Every single day.

  8. If you can’t hear, get a hearing aid.

  9. If you cannot see, get eyes checked regularly and wear glasses.

  10. If you keep falling, get a walker or cane.

  11. Smile.

  12. Accept and give hugs.

  13. Get rid of old stuff. There is good old stuff & there is bad old stuff. You know the difference. Get help with this if necessary.

  14. Stay as informed as possible on current events.

  15. Use the computer, and do activities that challenge the mind.

  16. Read.

  17. Listen to music. Dance if you can.

  18. Do volunteer work.

  19. Make sure you eat properly even if you don’t feel like it.

  20. Tell some good stories. (Not ones about who done you wrong!)

  21. Find something each day to be grateful for and smile.

  22. Write cheerful letters to people. (If you can still use your hands.)

  23. Make sure that by insisting on your independence you are not creating more work for others.  

  24. Meditate, pray, be hopeful.  

  25. Be Kind. Always.   

I would love to hear your comments and to know what you would put in your letters to your future self.  

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