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Take the Time for Quiet and Enjoy the Wonderfulness of You

Have you forgotten how to listen to your own voice?

Have you forgotten how to listen to your own true thoughts?

Have you ignored your voice for a long time? Have you only listened to surface thoughts of frenzy and hurry?

Do you listen to others and assume they know more than you do?

You may have pushed down a voice inside that says, “I am important. What I feel is important. I have a right to be heard and to be me.”

Because you have pushed away that inner voice and locked it deep inside, it will take coaxing to bring it out.

You knew this voice once when you were a child. It was your friend.

You can bring it out to play but it will need to be done carefully, gently, quietly, and with a smile. It needs quiet to feel safe to come out. Too many times it has been hurt, and rebuffed. You must now lure it out with the kindest of words and with strength and courage.

You will do this by taking time for quiet each day.

You must listen closely for the tentative footsteps you will hear and the faint sound of your voice coming closer.  Be honest, strong and courageous.

Each day, if you pay attention, your voice will be heard more clearly. Your heart will hear it first, and send the translation to your brain.

Leave yourself open to the understanding. Keep listening. This is how you will know the truth of you.

Action Step:

Take 10 minutes every morning to sit quietly and check in with your body and thoughts. Notice feelings of doubt or anxiety. Pay attention to those feelings and figure out where they may be coming from. Tell yourself that you will continue to listen to the messages that your body and heart are sending you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Smile and know that you are going to be happy and that you are strong. Promise yourself that you will embrace your strength and beauty.

Start each day in this way. You will grow stronger and you will be amazed at what you discover about the wonderfulness of you.

Sincerely and Lovingly, Diana Fletcher :)

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