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Michigan Film Incentive Brings Great Opportunities as a Dynamic Event is About to Take Place!

Former Michigander, Motivational Speaker and Stress Reducing Expert, Diana Fletcher Speaks Out to Help with the Transition into an Exciting New Industry

Diana Fletcher Life Coach and Stress Reducing Expert, announces today that she will be one of the speakers at the upcoming Michigan’s Next Movie Star event on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at the Whiting in Flint, MI.

Having been born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Dearborn Heights, Diana is excited to get back to her roots and help her former neighbors with the transition from being an auto industry based state to a movie industry based state.

The economic times have put a strain on the auto industry in Michigan and now it is time to look ahead to new opportunities, one being the incentive package made available to the film industry.

In 2008 alone, 37 movies were made bringing in approximately $120 million in revenue for the state of Michigan. Included was between $50 and $60 million paid to Michigan residents who worked on those films.

“Besides someone having a passion of working in the film industry and now having the opportunity, I think we are excited about the extra revenue the movie making industry is bringing to the state. But with change comes fear and stress,” Diana says, “and I plan on speaking at this event to help those attending overcome their feeling of fear, and help them find the joy in trying something new and exploring new careers.”

“Our hopes are that Michigan’s Next Movie Star will help catapult the interest and excitement in Michiganders, and I am here to help with the emotional transition,” says Diana.

Other speakers will include actor Dustin Diamond best known as Screech on Saved by the Bell; actor Robert Miano who has played in hundreds of films, but most recently, Fast and the Furious 4; and Joel Reisig a writer/actor/comedian/producer best known for his role in the film Fraternity House; each offering their secret tricks of the trade.

ABOUT DIANA FLETCHER: Diana is a Stress Reducing Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker and an expert at helping people reduce stress to achieve optimal health. For more information visit

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