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Michelle Obama and Me!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Happy June! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.

We are starting out with beautiful weather here in Pennsylvania and I am loving my walks.

Some exciting things have been happening and I would love to share these with you.

I have been a guest on a few radio shows lately which is always a lot of fun. I have met some really wonderful people!

I want to tell you about this particular interview I had on May 28th, because I had quite a surprise.

Friday, I was interviewed by Dan Mulhern, the First Gentleman of Michigan. I met him through Twitter last Fall and when I saw he was from Michigan, I wrote to him asking him what he did there.

He answered very  politely and told me he did fund raising, and volunteer work, and oh yeah, he was married to the governor! (OK, so I didn't recognize the name!) Her name is Jennifer Granholm.

Anyway, this past week, the producer of his radio show called to ask me if I would be available for Dan to interview me on running a successful family life.

Of course I said yes, and they called me on Friday afternoon. As he was going into his introduction, lo and behold, one of the other guests was....drum roll....Michelle Obama!

Eeeks! How cool is that?

It was a fun interview, and I am listening to the entire thing right now as I write this.

If you would like to listen, my 7 or 8 minute interview is the first one. I am including the link so you can hear all the wonderful guests, including my new best friend, Michelle. (HeeHee)

Podcast : The Work of Home

Click here to visit Dan Mulhern's website.  (Scroll down just a bit to the center of the page)

Another fun interview I did recently was with Rich Hallstrom and Tim Humphrey from Motivation with a Purpose Radio. a weekly radio show on Alternative Talk  KKNW 1150am in Seattle.

The interview they did with me was about the Impact of Humor. They wanted to know how to use humor to reduce stress.

You can listen on my Radio Appearances page.

They were great!

So that's my report on radio and reducing stress!

* * UPDATE* * : You can listen in or download the podcast here (I'm the first guest):

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