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Is Every Day a Good Day to Start Over? YES!

A week and a half ago, I got a call that my favorite uncle had died.

Even though I have not seen him in quite a few years, I felt that need to be with my family in mourning his passing.

OK, quick story about this uncle--a few years ago, he tried to make a getaway from the nursing home to get to McDonald's in either his motorized wheelchair or one of those driving contraptions. He did get a little distance before they caught him. I really like thinking about that image and I wish he had made it!

I decided to head up to Michigan, and then to Windsor, Ontario, for the funeral.

I really did not have much time to prepare.

(Luckily, my sister reminded me to bring my passport. Wouldn't that have been a kick in the pants!)

Anyway, I am glad I went and though it was sad, we all had happy memories of my uncle. (He used to play the guitar and we would all sing. I loved that!)

I saw some Canadian cousins who I hadn't seen for

I had already had a busy week, and then heading out of town on the spur of the moment was a little hectic.

The reason I am telling you this, is because my exercise and eating routine was totally thrown off.

I also didn't get enough sleep, and as I drove home that Sunday, I found myself in a terrible rainstorm on the Ohio Turnpike.

It was awful, and I couldn't even move my neck by the time I got home. I had been tensed up for about three hours, gripping the steering wheel and never taking my eyes off what I could see of the road.

I went to bed early and as I started to fall asleep, I thought about how once again, I had to start over.

I needed to get my routine back, do some stretches, get to the chiropractor, eat in a healthy way...and so on. I wasn't too fired up. I sighed quite deeply a few times, feeling a little sorry for myself.

But it's funny.

The first words that came to mind when I opened my eyes on Monday morning were, "Every day is a good day to start over."

These words reassured me that it was going to be ok. I didn't need to berate myself, I didn't need to feel bad...all I had to do was start over.

The past didn't matter.

The future wasn't here yet.

I had right now.

How many times have you gotten discouraged about your progress and thrown up your hands and said,

"That's it! I blew it! there is no hope now, so I won't even try!"?

Why bother saying that?

Why bother with the feeling of failure?

Just start over. One action at a time.

Just start over.

That's what I did. And I feel really good. (It did take a week, but, so what?)

Rose M Griffith said "Diana, Great post although it starts out with a loss. Your Uncle sounds like he left you all with wonderful memories–that’s a great legacy.

You’re right about every day being a good day to start over. Every time we wake up, we get a great chance to do that! Rose"

Diana responded to Rose M Griffith; "I know. And it is so weird that those were the first words that came to mind that Monday morning. I think I was working it all out during the night. I do that sometimes. It is a loss but the love doesn’t die. Thanks so much for writing, Rose."

Kitty said "Thank you! Just what I needed to hear!

I was focusing on the fact that I hadn’t been following my plan, and on all the bad habits I picked up recently (due to a move and subsequent chaos).

You made me see that I can start again, so I am now looking forward–with fresh resolve."

Diana responded to Kitty and said "I am so glad you feel that way, Kitty. I think we are all too hard on ourselves sometimes. Thanks for writing!"

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