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I Wish You Could Feel This Energy!

As many of you know, I was in Michigan the weekend of October 3rd for the Michigan's Next Movie Star Event.

I had such a great time and met some really wonderful people, but the thing that impressed me the most was this: Positive Energy!

The event was being held in Flint, Michigan, not far from Detroit. Saying things are not good in Michigan may be the understatement of the year.

BUT, I met some amazing people who want to change all that, and are willing to look for a new way to employ people and give them something to look forward to!

Clemon Crum, of Manifest Productions, held this event to encourage people to step up and try something new--get in on movie making in Michigan.

He was so positive and so upbeat, we couldn't help but have a great time! The audience was wonderful and the actors, producer and everyone else who took part in this just wanted it to be a success! And it  was!

It really makes you think--if these people, in this economy, can stay happy and upbeat--why can't everyone try it?

I am not saying that we should ignore reality-- I am saying we should look at reality, and figure out the best way to make things work! If things aren't working out for you--look at them differently.

Negative energy creates more negative energy. And Positive Energy creates more Positive Energy!

You can change your reality, by changing your thoughts. Really notice what you are thinking about throughout your day.

  • Do you beat yourself up and call yourself names?

  • Do you think derogatory stuff about other people? Even if you aren't saying it aloud, it is hurting you.

  • Do you dismiss creative and positive ideas and insist they won't work?

  • Do you forget to dream?

With dreams and imagination, you can change your world! Try a change of energy--it feels great!

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