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I am Speaking Out and Asking Heinz Hall Management in Pittsburgh to Postpone Bill Cosby Appearance i

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

This is a very different post today, but I cannot remain quiet in the face of what I see as an important issue to address. If you agree, please use the link following my petition to sign. Thank you.

As the number of women alleging that Bill Cosby drugged and raped or assaulted them grows beyond 15, we, as a society, should be alarmed and ready to take action.

A defense of Cosby requires that we believe that all of these women have decided to publicly accuse one of the most powerful men in recent Hollywood history of a crime they have no hope of seeing prosecuted, and for which they are seeking no damages.

Yes, to acknowledge that there may be truth in these accusations, forces us to look at the world where seemingly good men do unspeakable evil. But if we don’t acknowledge that, what are we telling our residents about their future and their safety?

Management at Heinz Hall, we need you to think about this issue.

Heinz Hall has been a leader in our city’s cultural revitalization and as we continue to progress in society’s recognition of rape-culture, please be a leader now.

Don’t take the easy way out.

Bill Cosby is scheduled to perform his comedy act at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh on February 21st. We ask that this event be postponed until the allegations have been properly addressed.

We cannot proceed with business as usual. Let’s acknowledge that this subject cannot be ignored.

Heinz Hall, please continue to be a symbol of excellence.

To sign petition, click below

Pittsburgher’s Launch Petition to Get Bill Cosby’s Heinz Hall Appearance Cancelled in Boring Pittsburgh said " […] Certified Life Coach Diana Fletcher has been very vocal about her opposition to the tour coming to Pittsburgh. On January 20th, 2015, Diana launched a […] "

Diana said "See what the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has to say:


"See what has to say:


"See what USA Today has to say:

Bill Cosby Not Welcome in Pittsburgh in Boring Pittsburgh said "[…] creator Diana Fletcher and 2,235 other supporters were able to convince the 2,676 seat venue to squash plans for the event […]"

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