• Diana Fletcher

How to Handle...Everything


There are many things that can distract us from our goals to be happy and healthy.

There are the little annoyances:

  • People who talk too much

  • Traffic

  • Slow lines

  • Too many emails

  • Misplacing stuff...again...

Then there are the slightly bigger... (These may also be listed under the Biggest)

  • Everyday schedules and to-do lists

  • Doctor appts when you aren't sure what will happen

  • Finances

  • Health Concerns

  • Family Worries


Now these will be different for everyone. I will list the recent ones in my life. (And I am not making these up.)

From this past weekend....

  • Friday night my mother (89) had a stroke. She is ok, we think.

  • Saturday, my son was in a serious car accident on the Ohio Turnpike. He is fine. Car totaled.

  • Monday, bomb threat at the Middle School and High School. (I have two at the High School)

  • Tuesday, my father fell and is now in the hospital. No broken bones.

Here's the thing, the secret, and nugget of wisdom...

How do we handle these? In exactly the same way, whether it's big or small:

Ready?.........................Control What You Can Control.

That's all. That's it.

Do everything that you can that is in your control.

Breathe. There are some things you cannot control.

You cannot control the outside. You can control what's inside.

Think about it.

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