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Girl, You're Thinking Too Much!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

My trainer tells me that I am thinking too much. She says this after she shows me a new exercise, one that involves the core, the legs, the butt, the....everything. She has, of course, made this look easy, but I am not fooled. There is a lot going on. And yet, she is right. I am thinking too much about it. I relax and start over. I am slightly off balance but then I get it after a few tries.

Recently, I began to seriously worry about protecting my serenity and my moods while I immersed myself in work to fight Human Trafficking.

I knew when I started down this path, I had to protect myself and my energy. I also did not want to bring evil energy into my home. (All that Feng Shui stuff hasn't been wasted! :) ) I took the huge bulletin board holding notes and ideas and put it on a wall off the beaten path, i.e., in a small room connected to my laundry room.  It is in a place that I visit quite often, but it keeps it apart from our daily life. I also have very calming items in that area. So I have protected a space.

I try to leave the work in one area on my desk, though it does spill over sometimes.I know that I need to take breaks. This is difficult to do, especially since I will be hosting a benefit to raise funds for organizations who rescue trafficked persons and help survivors. I am spending time with my team to organize that. When I am tired, I worry even more that it is too much. Yet, I cannot stop. Now that I know about this issue, I have to move forward and try to help.

So....I was recently on vacation and had time to separate myself from research, etc. As I walked in the sun, I thought about my fear---not about the subject matter though it is very scary. It was more about what it may do to me. I worry about my light.... you know, that inner light. We all have it and I have always let mine show in my work with clients, in speeches, and in my writing. It is the part of me that is happy and stress free--that part of me that many of you know, and some of you love.

As I thought about the novel, my thoughts went something like this: "Well, should I not even write it? But then what? Do I try to invent a new story for a new novel? But this is the book I've  already started---I already know some of the characters! I already know some of what happens and I want to find out what else may happen as I move forward!"

And then I heard my trainer's voice in my head. "Girl, you're thinking too much."

I remembered what I used to tell my clients: Trust yourself. You can achieve whatever you want to achieve.  Get rest. Remember self care. Take breaks. Breathe.

I know many of you know what I am talking about here with my feelings of fear.

You have a big project and you look at the whole thing and it is overwhelming. Or you start to worry about a situation and it becomes bigger and bigger until it seems as if you will never be able to take care of it. I thought about the words I have shared with my clients and audiences in the past. "Take little steps. Little steps will get you where you are going. Take a step, feel successful, take another step. Each success, each step will get you closer."

So that is what I am going to do. I will take small steps and rest, and so on. And that is how I will protect my light.

I am advising you and I am going to follow my own advice. (And my trainer's....) Stop thinking too much! Don't give up, but realize that you are human and that you need breaks. You will come back stronger and with more resolve and more creativity. I had kind of forgotten about that. Maybe you have too.

I came up with twelve actions to take when it is time for a break. (The trick is remembering to take breaks and I will post notes around my house for that. I suggest you use that tip, too!)

  1. Breathe

  2. Read fun novels, magazines and books

  3. Dance

  4. Laugh A LOT!

  5. Sleep

  6. Rest

  7. Walk

  8. Exercise

  9. Talk to friends

  10. Cry if I need to

  11. Clean (This can actually be very rejuvenating sometimes)

  12. Hug

Feel free to use this list for your own rest and rejuvenation. Stay happy, rested and stress free. Sending you lots and lots of love, Diana

P.S. By the way, my trainer is excellent and if you want to know more about her, here is a link to her site! Fit by Kristin!

Amanda said "I know exactly what you mean, Diana. I once had to write an article on rape victims who had gotten abortions. It is very upsetting and it is hard to stay happy. Great tips and I loved the post."

Diana responded with "Amanda, thank you so much for writing. It’s nice to hear from someone who truly understands!"

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