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Don't Leave Home Without Your Tool Kit!

Here's a quick quiz for you:

Which of the following does not belong in your life?

a. Massage b. Dark Chocolate. c. Long walks d. Continuous, bad Stress

If you picked Stress, you are correct! (If you picked any of the other choices, we need to talk!)

I believe that we need an assortment of stress reducers in our lives. My current favorites are the ones I included in the quiz.

Some days, my absolute favorite stress reducer is sleep. Another day, it may be my meditation time, or yoga practice. Another really great stress-reducer is de-cluttering...and, and..... ok, you get the point--I have a lot of favorites.

All of these things are important because I need to take care of all the parts of me and so do you!

  • You need proper nutrition, and lots of water.

  • You need pampering, some self indulgence, and fun!

  • You need quiet and you need exercise.

  • You need time with friends, and time alone.

We cannot fit all of these in every single day. But, it is important that every day you fit in at least one. Everyone may have a different tool kit of stress reducing strategies, but you should not be without a tool kit!

Decide which tools you need and don't leave home without them!

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