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Does This Economy Make my Butt Look Big?

It might. People beware.  If we had a problem with overweight citizens before, I fear that there will be even more of a problem soon.

You have a couple things  that are going to come into play here.

One, people are freaked out and will want to soothe their anxious souls.  What better way, they may think, then a big bowl of ice cream? I want to feel better NOW!  I am upset, so what's the difference if I eat a whole bag of potato chips?  I have lost money, I may lose my job--I deserve to have that dessert, snack, beer, etc.

The second thing is this:  The house/food budget will shrink.  People will still want to go out to eat because it's fast, convenient and a break from routine.  But if you cannot afford the nice restaurant, no problem.  Go fill up with junky fast food, soft drinks and all-you-can-eat buffets!

Stop.  There is a way to feel better that does not involve hurting yourselves more.  And that is exactly what you will be doing if you go down this road.  You will hurt yourself and your family.

Eating badly, eating junk, indulging in too many unhealthy foods will make you feel worse. Your health will suffer when your body cannot keep up the fight against too many preservatives, chemicals and junky stuff in your system.  You will get sick more often and need more medical care.  Can you afford that?  Can you afford the care for diabetes, heart problems and respiratory and digestive problems?  What about your children?  Is this what you want for them?

And emotionally, this is, at best, a temporary fix. Overeating and lying around watching television to escape reality is a short-lived, silly solution.

Get up. start walking, and start using your brain.

When your body moves, it is happy. You will stay healthier and strong.  Your body will be ready and your mind will clear, so that you can come up with solutions for whatever problems you feel you have.  Can you really think about new ways to solve your problems when you are in a sugar daze staring at the television?

Can you really concentrate on healthy food alternatives, when you are filling your mind and body with junk?

Again, STOP.  There are ways to eat healthy without breaking the budget.  You can make your own soups with vegetable, chicken broth and healthy frozen vegetables.  Clip coupons.  Buy canned beans and make rice. Make homemade pizza.  Watch for seasonal fruits for the best price. Get the family involved and learn how to take better care of your health together.

This is an excellent time to pull together as a family.  Instead of everybody in front of the tv,  how about everyone eating dinner at the same time, one that you made together?  How about a walk together, or play some games together?

Don't get fat because things aren't exactly how you want them!  Create a healthy world for yourself and your family!  You can do this! Ignore the negative things around you and make happy, healthy choices.  It's going to turn around, and you will have made it through feeling better than you ever did before!  It's your choice!

Diane at said " Thoughtful post. I hope that people use the extra time while underemployed to develop habits like healthy eating and regular exercise, but I fear your prognostications may be more on target."

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