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Did You Know You Have Control Over This Habit?

I recently read this quote by Rhonda Hess, Founder of Prosperous Coach® and I cannot stop thinking about it.

“Overwhelm is most often just a bad habit wanting to be broken.”

I am intrigued by this viewpoint and I know this perspective on overwhelm could help many people.

As a Stress-Reducing Expert, I am immersed in overwhelm. My private clients come to me for help and corporations hire me to facilitate workshops and give presentations about how to manage stress. I am continually learning and studying to build my knowledge about stress so I can offer more help to more people.

Stress is the perception that something is exciting, threatening, scary....and yes, overwhelming.

So, the idea of overwhelm as a habit that could be broken is fascinating. And notice that Rhonda says, “wanting to be broken.”

Even if you are addicted to stress, and yes, you can be addicted to stress, there is always a part of an addict that wants to be free.

We have gotten so used to the hurry and scurry of the world, that even if we are not addicted, we feel strange when we try to slow down. We feel discomfort and isn’t that how it feels when we try to break any bad habit?

The cigarette that pulls at us, the extra calories in the form of delicious tempting treats, the staying up too late at night, after promising yourself you would get more sleep---discomfort. We give in the habit because it feels normal. We don’t want to feel discomfort.

So, what if we approached the feeling of overwhelm as a habit to be broken?

What if, the minute we felt the anxiety and overwhelm, we stopped everything and took a deep breath?

I always advise three slow, deep breaths for calming and this would be a perfect opportunity to use that technique. Then, we could say, “I choose not to feel this.”

As with any habit, it could take awhile to work, and as with anything you want to change, you have to keep trying. It isn’t impossible.

Stress is that feeling that you have no control. Take back control. Give it a try-C’mon, it’s just another bad habit!

Laura Crooks said "Diana – Great perspective and I so agree that stress can be a habit (one of both body and mind). It takes time and effort to change and allow ourselves to slow down and get to the point where we can do nothing for a while. Changing habits is uncomfortable initially…but do-able!"

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