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Are You Brave Enough to Live in the NOW?

It can be difficult to keep your mind in the present.

It’s natural to think about the past and remember people and places you loved and fun or sadness you experienced.

It’s understandable that you look ahead to the future for a few different reasons. It’s fun to look forward to upcoming events or you may be anxious for a period of heightened stress to be over. You may also be preparing finances and schedules so that you and your family can be safe, protected and happy.

However, is that all you do? Do you spend all of your time thinking about every other time instead of right now?

My favorite quote is one of Eknath Easwaran’s. "The way we live the minutes of each day, is the way we live our lives." Think about it. All of your “right nows” add up to your life. You need to live in the present, the NOW.

This is not the same as the immature attitude of, “Hey, I am just living for today! I will party/drink/shop/be irresponsible because I may not be here tomorrow!” It means living with intention and truly noticing your life as you are living it.

There are some surprising outcomes when you live in the now. As you start paying attention, you may be inspired to make important life changes. Your awareness will be heightened as to what you are eating, whom you spend time with and what you are actually doing with your time. Keep this is mind. If you are honest as you try this, you will notice things you like, but you will also notice things you don’t like. Be brave because the honesty and realizations can be scary.

However, and I am telling you from experience, living with intention is totally worth it. Give it a try. Right this minute, stop and check in with yourself. How are you feeling? What have you been thinking about? What is good about right now? Think about this: You could start living your best life ever right this minute!

To help you start your Living in the NOW, go to Diana’s YouTube video: “Breathing to Calm Yourself.”

Feel free to comment and answer this question: Do you think you live in the NOW?

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