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89 Year Old Woman? You Rock!

I have to confess, I am always looking for the story. I love the story. I love the stories I invent, the stories I hear, and the ones I read--everywhere.

Here's an example of a story I recently loved. An 89 year old woman, walking with a friend through a parking lot, got upset when a man jumped out of his car, grabbed her friend's purse and ran for his car. The 89 year old started after him, swinging her cane, trying to hit him, because she was so mad. She missed him, but hit his car as he took off. She put a dent in it. She gave the police 4 numbers that she noted from his license plate, and with that information, and the dent, they were able to find the guy. This is great! That is who I want to be when I am 89! And this actually happened, near here in the Pittsburgh area. I was like, yes! Oh, and extra tidbit--the thief's girlfriend and her child were in the car with him! I love the story.

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