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12 Steps Men Can Take Toward Equality For Women (From NOMAS site)

Updated: Sep 19, 2018


I came across this list and thought it said everything I want to tell men. There are many good men out there who can do so much, yet they don’t.

Sometimes it’s because they don’t know what is needed. So, gentlemen, here it is.

This is what is needed.

Please share.

12 Steps Men Can Take Toward Equality For Women

1. Don’t interrupt women when they speak, control their space, or assume they need your protection. Focus on the effect of your actions, rather than on the intent.

2. Support women’s leadership and help elect progressive women to political office.

3. Support women’s equality in education, sports, and in the workplace. 

4. Don’t condone, laugh at, or tell sexist (racist or homophobic) jokes or stories. 

5. Don’t make fun of or invalidate anyone’s emotional reactions.

6. Listen, believe, and be accountable to women and their stories. When confronted on your own sexism (racism, homophobia, etc.) listen instead of getting defensive. 

7. Tell the women and men in your life that you love them, out loud. 

8. Be the kind of father you always wanted to have. 

9. Be the kind of partner you would want your children’s partner to be. 

10. Share responsibility for birth control and reproductive health and safety. 

11. Speak up when you see violence or abuse directed at women or children, in real life, or in the media. Donate to a local rape crisis, sexual assault, and domestic violence program.       

12. Oppose pornography and the sex industry.

This list was originally posted on June 19, 2012 by nomas  and brought to my attention on Twitter by The Amazing Women Rock site. (Thank you Susan for posting it and telling us about!)

NOMAS is a 30 year-old organization of feminist men and women, with a broad and progressive agenda, and a central commitment to the continuing struggle of women for full equality (  

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