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I have had the pleasure of hearing Diana speak to large groups on several occasions. Diana’s speaking style can be summed up in one word — energetic! She draws on her own life experiences and wealth of knowledge to inspire her audiences to do the best thing they can for their health — reduce stress. I’ve looked around the room when Diana is speaking and it’s clear that the audience is at ease, calm and attentive. She truly has a gift for showing her audience members how to live happier, healthier lives with her expert stress-reducing tips. Each time I’ve seen her speak, she creates a powerful and inspiring message that leaves audiences with the knowledge on how to reduce their stress in easy, free ways! With presence and personality, she commands a room like few can. I highly recommend Diana as a speaker to any group, organization or office that needs a boost of energy in their day

Danielle Julia Cuomo, MBA

Diana Fletcher is an excellent presenter with a supportive and positive personality. She has extensive experience in conducting workshops preparing people to leave her presentations with real tools to use on a daily basis. If you are searching for someone to speak to your employees who will offer valuable insights, strategies that work, easy to do activities, encouraging information and research, then you will want to hire Diana Fletcher. As the administrator of a private school I was charged with maintaining the school’s Health and Wellness Policy throughout the year. Diana Fletcher was one of the most popular of presenters with her “stress reducing” workshop. Her manner is welcoming, inviting and positive. Her message is life giving. The outcomes of the workshops presented by Diana left the faculty members re-energized, re-focused, and relieved of pressure and stress. They found the strategies and techniques usable in their every day lives.  Please feel free to contact me for additional outstanding remarks regarding Diana Fletcher and her ability to promote a renewed sense of well being for all of your employees and or contacts.

Patricia A. Sheahan, Ed.D.

Total Learning Centers

I invited Diana Fletcher to be our Keynote Speaker for The Women’s Expo, held in Birch Run, Michigan, in October, 2008. As the Event coordinator, I was in charge of choosing the speakers and vendors for the 3-day event. Over the 3-day period, Diana gave 5 speeches that inspired and motivated the attendees. She is an amazing woman, with a gift. Diana’s stage presence is energizing and inspiring. But her energy follows her offstage, to create not just inspiration, but motivation to embrace her words into practical life strategies. One of Diana’s speeches especially impacted my life in a positive uplifting manner. Her reference to the idea, “The way we spend the minutes of our day, is how we spend our life.” These simple words have allowed me to maintain prospective in the decisions I make as an entrepreneur. I am thankful I exposed myself and staff to her dynamic presentation.

Elizabeth Marasco

Brady Events & Marketing

I am writing this letter on behalf of Diana Fletcher who I had the privilege of working with during the first Greensburg YMCA’s “Women’s Wellness Day” this January.  As the Greensburg YMCA’s Membership Engagement Specialist, my goal is to keep our members feeling comfortable, informed and educated. This year, I had the exciting task of planning an event that solely catered to women’s needs. “Women’s Wellness Day” featured a variety of vendors, fitness demonstrations, and healthy living booths. I wanted to find a speaker who would be able to relate to women as well as educate them on how to better their own lives.  I was lucky enough to find Author and Life Coach, Diana Fletcher, to be a keynote speaker for the event. Diana’s professionalism and open-mindedness guided me in organizing the day. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Diana’s lecture, “How to Reduce Stress in Women’s Lives,” captivated the entire audience that included members and nonmembers of the YMCA, vendor representatives and YMCA employees. Diana demonstrated how to have a positive outlook by making sure women find the time to prioritize their own health, body, mind and spirituality. Her words were innovative, empathetic and thought-provoking.

Wendy Pollack, attendee of “Women’s Wellness Day,” agrees. “The highlight of attending the event was Diana Fletcher’s words. She made one feel like the challenges a woman must face in today’s society are attainable by making sure a woman takes time out of her busy life for herself. I feel that these are words of wisdom that all women should try to incorporate into their daily lives. I thank Diana for sharing this and motivating every woman in the audience to do so,” Wendy said.

Having Diana speak at “Women’s Wellness Day” certainly made the event a success. Her positive demeanor, intelligence and glowing spirit are things that all women should strive to attain. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Michelle Bonnice

Greensburg YMCA

What a delight! Diana Fletcher’s professional and uplifting presentation on “Stress and Time Management,” was informative and filled with realistic techniques that our students could immediately incorporate into their lives. Diane’s wonderful combination of humor and practical knowledge makes for an engaging and effective workshop! I would highly recommend Diana Fletcher as a speaker and workshop facilitator.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Susan Showalter-Bucher

Carlow University

Diana is completely committed to her area of expertise and it is obvious when she shares what she knows with her audience. Her zest for life in general and her zeal for helping others reach their goals of health and wellness are constants. She can take information (even info that most of us already know) and frame it in such a way that it makes more sense, is more valid, and becomes more doable. Her attitude is contagious and her message is sincere.

Laurel Patterson

Patterson Presentations

I have had the pleasure of listening to Diana Fletcher’s stress reduction tips not once, but twice.  At our Annual Employment Roundtable, Diana was one of several speakers in our roundtable sessions. I attended her session along with several others. We liked her first presentation so much and we just had to have more, so we invited Diana to our annual Stress Reduction Seminar. Not only did we learn about all of the stressors we face every day, but also how to fight back with easy to follow action steps.  Diana, you’re welcome to speak at STC Pittsburgh anytime!

Bryce Walat

Society for Technical Communication

I would like to recommend Diana Fletcher as an extremely effective coach for stress reduction and management. As a manager of Prudential Preferred Realty in Murrysville, PA., it is my job to try to keep my 35 agents upbeat and motivated at all times. This is almost impossible, especially in the real estate market downturn that we have been experiencing since mid 2007. To that end, I asked Diana Fletcher to speak to our group in early December, 2008 (that time being especially stressful) and she was very inspiring in showing the agents a variety of ways to help keep their bodies and minds positive, even when all events surrounding them project negativity. The result was a feeling of well being and a more positive outlook in which to start 2009.  Sometimes, people need to find a simple way to bring these thoughts into action and Diana can help instill this feeling in them.

I would recommend your encouragement to have your companies and employees embrace the information that Diana Fletcher will bring to your organization. I know your employees will feel rejuvenated when they start to embrace the stress reduction and management methods that Diana Fletcher will bring to the event. If you desire any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bea Murray

Prudential Preferred Realty

Diana Fletcher has done several educational workshops in our office. She has taught skills to our patients in stress reduction, time management, and how to use these skills to make a necessary like style changes. Her ideas and information have helped out patients to achieve their goals. Out patients have expressed much gratitude and appreciation for Diana’s professionalism and knowledge in her presentation of these workshops.  I would highly recommend Diana’s presentation for anyone wanting the tools to succeed in making changes in their lifestyle.

I just wanted to send a note to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated the workshop the other night. I think one of the most brilliant statements all evening was “Stop Doing So Much”!  I have also been cognizant of the internal language that I use when something happens that I want to beat myself up about. I actually found myself stopping for a moment and saying ‘wait a minute’ – that isn’t going to help matters or solve anything because of course, I’m fabulous!!   I have been able to work in a 20 to 30 minute walk the last three evenings – this was my most immediate action step. If I can start working on the sleep thing (or lack thereof) in the next couple weeks, I’ll be jumping for joy (but remembering that baby steps may be necessary for long term changes).

Susan Loughnane

Diana, Thank you so much for another fun, meaningful time spent with you! You are the best! I am thrilled the have won a half-hour with you ALL TO MYSELF! Awesome!.

Di Hapach

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