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"WTF?" What I Often Find Myself Saying About Getting Older

OK, I may not say that in front of people...well some people, but I at least say, "WTWhat?"

Last week, I could not settle down. I drank a little extra coffee and then hated how it made me feel. I sorted some papers and those got on my nerves.

The mess I was going to tackle in my office really pushed me to the edge.

I didn’t want to do anything, and I couldn’t think of anything that would make me feel better.

Then it hit me. I was very, very tired. Oh, I forgot. That...issue.

Here’s the thing with being older. I can do all the stuff I did before, except, and here it is folks…here’s the big revelation for those of us who, well you know who you are….it takes longer and longer to recover.


  • Travel. I have always admonished clients, family and friends to remember that after traveling, whether for business or pleasure, they need to allow a day or two to recover. It throws off schedules, eating, exercise and all other routines. I am getting to the point, though, that I need a week and a half now!!! I’m not kidding. It’s going to get to the point that I will have to carve out a month of recovery time each time I leave my house for more than a day!

  • Exercise: Years ago, I could kick it out big time. Every day, I worked out for at least an hour. In addition to that, I was up and down stairs, doing housework, taking care of kids---yes, tired at night, but pretty much ready to go the next day. I have been trying to rev up my exercise routine, and when I am exercising, I am fine. I do what I used to do, I feel good….then I take to the couch. I am going to start Krav Maga again today. I have already noted that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I now must not plan ANYTHING after that and assume that Wednesday is a rest day. Sigh.

What the what?

  • Losing Weight. Sigh. Really? Does it have to be that difficult?

Facing reality can be difficult. You always have to examine your thoughts—am I being negative, or is this reality?

So, the solution…we cannot change the fact that we grow older. We need to keep a sense of humor. It doesn’t mean we don’t continue to fight the good fight, but we need to learn to laugh at the absurdity.

A few years ago, running at the track, I thought I should stop to find a restroom. In my forties at the time, there was a very real possibility that I could wet my pants. Then I smiled. I thought, Ahhh…that’s the difference of being young and being older. If I did indeed wet my pants, I would laugh and have to tell people. I think it would be more embarrassing when younger. I did stop to go to the restroom, but still ….

It all comes down to taking ourselves too seriously. I am just like everyone else in this regard. Things that are really not a big deal become a big deal. We need to do daily reality checks.

Am I doing ok? Check

Am I doing my best in taking care of myself? Check

Do I cut myself slack when I am tired? Check

Am I taking time for quiet and thinking? Check

Am I laughing every day? Check

Am I acknowledging that life can be very, very good? Double check.

I would love to hear your thoughts and what you say WTW? to as the years pass! Share! Remember, we need to keep a sense of humor! 

Rachel said "You never fail to brighten my day! Your wonderful attitude is very inspiring."

Diana responded with "Thank you so much!"

Danielle said "Diana – this is great information, as always. Thanks for giving me a smile today!"

Diana responded with "I am glad it gave you a smile! I smiled writing it!"

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