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Wouldn't You Love to See This?

What would it be like if everyone said please before any request, no matter how small?

What would it be like if no one stole from anyone, ever?

What if there were no bullies?

What would happen if people let other people who were in a hurry, go in front of them in a line?

What  if no one yelled at children, cashiers, or anyone else?

What would it be like if people didn’t physically abuse anyone else?

What if no one sexually abused children?

What would happen if people stopped looking the other way when they witnessed something terrible?

What would happen if politicians only talked about themselves and never said bad things about anyone else?

What  if no one on the radio was spewing out anger and hate and ugly things every day?

What if people stopped listening to that kind of ugliness?

What would happen if people looked out for each other as part of their daily routine?

What would happen if everyone were treated equally?

What would happen if everyone treated everyone else the way that they themselves would like to be treated?

What would happen if you tried to change just one of these things every day for the rest of your life?

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