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Maybe the "Liar" Wasn't Lying!!!!

I remember, a long time ago when my kids were very young, I was discouraged about my writing. I had absolutely no time left in my schedule to write.

I had gone to a meeting of book writers in Pittsburgh, and an author spoke about how she wrote her children's books amidst the hectic world of raising her children. I was dismayed. I felt so discouraged and called my younger sister when I got home. In an effort to make me feel better, which it did, my sister said, in a very firm voice, "Well, she's lying." It truly made me feel better for years and years.

I did indeed write a mystery novel while the kids were still young and I had to work on it when they were contained or sleeping. I never could write while they were in the room and running around me. (By the way, it was hard work and it didn't turn out too badly.)

Flash forward to now. I have written 6 self-help books and countless articles. Those I fit in by clearing out spaces as the children got older.

But this newest project is different. I am determined to write this novel that has been inside me for a long while. So, I do research, and I think about the characters, and then I sit down to write. And I remember how hard it is to write, even though I love it. Life still gets in the way, but I am learning to go with a different kind of flow than I thought I needed, in order to create.

This time, the story is coming to me in bits and pieces. It doesn't always work out that I sit in quiet and write. I write, then get antsy, then go for a walk, and a bit of dialogue will come to me. One walk even gave me the ending though it does seem rather formidable as I don't know right now how I will get from here to there.

What I am thinking now is that the writer who shared how she wrote, may not have been lying. That may have been how she wrote and it worked for her. It didn't work for me, but now I am finding different ways to do what I need to do.

I think it is important to open ourselves to the idea that there are many ways to accomplish our goals and one person's way may not work for us.

I like the idea of hearing how other people accomplish goals. I like to hear how other writers work and how people fit in exercising each day. I like to read about routines and tricks that people use to get themselves where they want to go.

Ultimately though, we have to find our own way. And the only way to do this is to just begin. We have to pick a way, any way, and begin. If it doesn't work, you try something else. And you keep doing this if you want something bad enough.

But you never, ever, give up. And that, is the truth.

Amanda said "It is so hard to sit down and write when there is no deadline. I always enjoy listening to other people’s methods too! Great post."

Diana responded with "Amanda, Thanks so much for writing! I know what you mean about deadlines–they help!"

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