• Diana Fletcher

It's a Matter of "What If?"

Coaching is a lot of "what ifs?' We ask the client questions, we suggest scenarios, and help determine action steps. What we are really asking the client to do is to imagine "what ifs."

What if your life was exactly the way you wanted it to be? What if?  What if you could do anything you wanted to do, be anywhere you wanted to be, work anywhere you wanted to work, look the way you wanted to's really all a bunch of what ifs. This is the spark that starts a fire of change.

I use this in my writing. What if this character thought this? What if in my own life I had made a different choice? Can I use this for one of my characters? What if this had happened instead of that? Then what would happen? Why would that character choose that?

This is a point I am at in my own life. This latest transformation started last year with, what if I didn't have my business anymore? What if I didn't coach or pursue speaking engagements? What if I just let myself be a writer full time? As I played out daydreams of what this may look like, my heart raced and I often found that another part of me was saying, "Yeah, but..."  However, I let the idea live inside of me and I started talking back to the negative voice. And then I made a decision. Here I am. I am writing full time.

I would like to ask you to share your thoughts and come up with some what ifs of your own. This is a little bit of self coaching. You can let your imagination loose and ask yourself "what if?"  What if you moved somewhere else to live? What would that look like? What if you didn't go to work one day, just because? What would you do instead? What if you had an extra two hours each day to do whatever? That answer may tell you what you need more of in your life.

What if you got rid of all your clothes and bought new? What would the clothes look like? What if you could go visit any place in the world for two weeks...where would you go?

It's questions like these that remind us that we have choices, each and every day. We make the choices and although they can be difficult to make sometimes, it is that freedom that can help us live very happy lives.

Please share a "what if" that is a stretch for you. It can be silly, it can be serious...take a few moments to close your eyes and think "what if?" Please share it with us because you could be the spark that ignites your own or someone else's fire.

Moka said "I have been in sliimar situations before. Its not as easy solution as you thought it is, its something that you’ll have to write out for yourself over a period of time."

Ger said "What if…. I finally accept that I simply backed the wrong horse 34 yrs ago and that everything I invested in it did not pay off in the way I hoped it would. What if …. I feel thrilled that doing so resulted in my four amazing children! What if … I give up trying to get my husband to see how badly I feel he let me down and accept that he will see what he needs to see. What if … I smile again? What if … I embrace the freedom. What if life is a gift to behold. What if … I shift my focus? What if … I look at all the amazing resources I have and move on. What if …. I imagine it was always meant to end like this and something infinitely better for me is ahead. What if I say thank you to you for inspiring my Public what if’s today (ps. I write positive What if’s … every night to move me forward) What if …. I’m excited about my future x"

Diana responded to Ger; "Thank you so much for sharing these what ifs! These are excellent and I feel as if many people can relate to your what ifs. There are so many feelings and thoughts that we all experience, yet we often think that we are alone. I am glad you are saying thank you for the inspiration. What if I say, “You are welcome!”? Hey, I just did! =) Best of luck in all you set out to accomplish. I am sending you warm, strong and loving thoughts!"

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