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Forgiveness: That Weight Is Much Too Heavy

It's Too Heavy to Hold Onto Anymore!

Forgiveness: My mantra for 2018. It’s time for me to forgive. I need to forgive other people and myself. I am going to move forward with this in the new year and free myself from carrying around all this heavy, heavy shit.

I stopped eating all sweets in December. (I still cannot believe I made it through the holidays without eating cookies or candy! This has NEVER happened before.) I lost weight which is what I hoped would happen, but as I got lighter and felt I could move more easily, it really made me think.

What if my spirit was lighter too? 

We know that everything is connected in the universe.

We carry weight in our bodies, so we must carry weight in our spirits too.

I don’t want to carry that weight anymore. Feeling anger, self-righteousness, and hurt is too heavy a load to haul around day in and day out.

I just saw the following quote by Jon Gordon

“Resentment, anger and negative energy also slows you down,

limits your true potential and truly causes you to feel heavier.”

(So feeling “lighter” is indeed a thing!)

I usually don’t make big New Year’s Resolutions. I set goals for myself all year long, but there is something about the start of the new year that fills me with hope. It really does feel like the right time to evaluate how I am doing and to make changes where I see the need. I see the need to forgive. I want to be free of emotional baggage, sadness and anger. I want to release all resentments.

I want this for myself and I deserve to feel free, light, and happy!

I have written about forgiveness before and I just finished re-reading some of those posts. I had forgotten some of what I wrote and it helped to see where I have made progress with this in my life.

Now, I want to go further in learning about forgiveness. I want to forgive, so that I can have peace. I am not sure how to do this with some situations, but I am taking the words of one of my heroes, Louise Hay, to heart.

“We may not know how to forgive, and we may not want to forgive;

but the very fact we say we are willing to forgive begins the healing practice.”

-Louise Hay

I want peace. Peace. What a lovely word. Think of feeling peaceful when you wake up and throughout your day. How cool does that sound?      

I want to stop beating myself up for my part in sad situations. I want to forgive myself for any role I played in hurtful exchanges and miscommunications. I want to stop obsessing. I want to let it all go. 

I am gathering information to help me in this process. These are the actions I will take to begin:

  • I will not talk about the behavior of any people that I am forgiving. 

  • When a person I am upset with comes to mind, I will say aloud or in my head, “I am sending you love.”     

  • I will not criticize myself or others.

  • I will tell myself daily, “I love you.” I will remind myself every day, that I am getting lighter and happier in spirit. 

  • I will practice living in the “Now” with meditation.

I will release all that is weighing me down. I forgive.

Please share your thoughts and struggles in the comments--scroll way down!

I would love to hear from you!

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