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Fit & Healthy 15 Minutes at a Time

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Pick One Healthy Choice (There’s 99 More!) They each only take 15 minutes!

1. Read through the Fit and Healthy List

2. Slowly, carefully, stretch out every part of your body.  Breathe.   

3. Water all plants in your house—good for everyone.                                4. Walk out your front door. Walk for 7 1⁄2 minutes. Turn around. Go back home. This could equal 1⁄2 mile to 1 mile. (Or get on that treadmill/elliptical for 15 minutes!)

5. Make a salad to have for a later lunch or dinner.

6. Get out your calendar, phone book and phone. Call and schedule a physical, mammogram or dentist appointment.         

7. Wash all the fruit in your refrigerator, and place it at eye level for easy viewing, grabbing and healthy eating.

8. Dance.           

9. Go to bed fifteen minutes earlier.

10. Drink some water. Drink some more.

11. Garden.

12. Put on rollerblades and protect elbows, knees, wrist, head. Roller blade up and down street for five minutes. Ignore laughing if necessary.

13. Call an upbeat friend, catch up on GOOD news. (endorphins.)

14.Put on music and walk up and down stairs

15. Open a can of healthy soup. Heat. Eat it slowly.

16. Stop at a shoe store and buy a good pair of running or walking shoes

17. Go outside and shoot baskets with one of your kids. Or by yourself.

18. Challenge your brain. Work on a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. You need a healthy brain!  

19. Eat breakfast. Finish with a multivitamin. Start the day feeling healthy!

20. Sit down to eat your lunch. Don’t do anything else. Just eat your lunch.

21. Do sit-ups. Even if you can only do one. Do two next time. And three the next!

22. Hula hoop. (Try it!!)

23. Jump Rope. Take frequent breaks if necessary.

24. Take your dog for a walk. (Keep your pet healthy too!)

25. Send in registration for a walk for a good cause.

26. Wash a piece of fruit. Eat it.                                         

27. Laugh. Such a healthy activity!    

28. Get a disinfectant and wipe off all of the door handles in your house.

29. Get a disinfectant and clean off all your phones.

30. Vacuum for fifteen minutes. Move your hips.

31. Carry a notebook with you and write down everything you eat for a day. Do not     judge yourself. Do not show anyone else. Pick one choice you didn’t like and change it to be more healthy.     

32. Put on some music. Twist.

33. Get up fifteen minutes earlier. Enjoy the quiet. Plan your day.

34. Lie on the floor. Close your eyes. Rest.

35. Make a cup of green tea. Sit and enjoy it while doing NOTHING else.

36. Pack healthy snacks to carry in the car.

37. Clean off a piece of exercise equipment. Dust it. Do whatever else necessary to have it ready to use. Use it. 

38. Write in a journal. This is a healthy way to deal with anxiety or stress.

39. Slow down. Just slow down.

40. Cut up lemons to keep in fridge to put in glasses of water. Refreshing and healthy.

41. Make a Do Not Disturb Sign. Use colorful paper. Decorate it. USE IT.

42. Take a bath. Make it clear that you are not to be disturbed. Do not bring a phone with you. (You may want to use your Do Not Disturb sign at this time.)

43. Take a few moments to think of a friend or friends who would like to walk or exercise with you. Make the call—make a date.

44. Take time to think of healthy snack substitutes for you and your family.

45. Go through your medicine cabinet. Throw out all expired prescriptions and medicines. Make a list of anything you need.

46. Call and make an appointment for a massage, manicure or pedicure. 

47. Give yourself compliments instead of criticism. 15 minutes at a time.

48. Take disinfectant wipes and wipe off all purses, briefcases and laptop cases.

49. Sit down. Start on a grocery list. Make sure you begin with one healthy item. This list will help you stay focused and eliminate   impulse buys.      

50. Take 15 minutes before you begin work to straighten up your work area, put away files and jot down notes to organize your morning.

51. Open all the windows in your house. Sit, relax, do nothing for five minutes. Close all windows.

52. Think of a date you could make with your significant other. Make arrangements. Call or email said person. Make date.

53. Read something inspiring. It is important to keep your spirit healthy too.

54. Write a note to someone you love and tell them why you do. Healthy relationships are vital to your well-being.

55. Make a list of past actions that you are proud of yourself for doing. Do not be shy. Let yourself feel good about these things.    

56. Make a list of ten thoughtful acts that have made you feel good lately.

57. Try meditation. If you don’t know how, sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing.

58. On Sunday, make some exercise plans for the week ahead.

59. Stop yourself from saying yes right away. If someone is requesting something from you, tell them you will get back to them in a little while. Take 15 minutes to think realistically about the request. Can you do it? Do you want to do this? Do you really have time to do this? Take another 15 minutes if necessary.

60. Take 15 minutes after you finish dinner before you have dessert. See if you are still hungry.

61 Read a book with a child. Totally focus on the book and the child.

62. Take some time to think about choices. What are you letting into your life that isn’t good for you? Think about letting it go.

63. Sit together to eat as a family. Even if it is fast food. Even if you only have 15 minutes to sit down together.

64. Take 15 minutes to teach a child to make an easy meal. (This creates 15 minutes for you at a later date.)   

65. Teach your child a household chore that, again, will give you more time for yourself later.

66. Play an instrument.

67. Sing. By yourself or with someone else.

68. Stop at the library for 15 minutes. Just relax with a magazine or close your eyes and just be.

69. Pray.

70. Stand up from your desk. Stretch. Go to the wall and do wall push-ups. Stretch some more.

71. Jog in place. Five minutes at a time.

72. Eat a vegetable. Feel healthy!

73. Put on sunscreen. All over. 

74. Hit tennis balls against the side of the house.

75. Run up and down your street.

76. Practice yoga. (Many free classes online)

77. Add weight lifting to your regular exercise.

78. Call someone and tell them how much you care about them.

79. Make a list of all the people who have been good to you.        

80. Take 15 minutes to throw out 15 items. Clear clutter and make room for healthy living.

81. Listen to beautiful music while you make dinner or work on a project.       

82. Clean out your purse or briefcase. Decluttering one area helps declutter the mind.

83. Think about something that has been bothering you, write it down. Throw out the paper and try to let it go. Holding on to resentments is bad for your health!

84. Pass on one more alcoholic drink and have water instead.

85. Take time to read labels in the store. Even if it is only on a couple of different packages. If you can’t pronounce ingredients, you probably don’t need the item.

86. Try to wait 15 minutes before you let yourself eat a “forbidden food.”

87. Take 15 minutes to plan ahead for your lunches. Make them healthy, but not boring.

88. Quit smoking 15 minutes at a time. And yes, I know how hard it is. I’ve done it.

89. Add a little jogging to your walk.

90.Get off the computer and phone.

91. Take fifteen minutes to find a new way to cook a vegetable.

92. Recycle.

93. Make a list of activities you used to enjoy as a child. Pick one to do as soon as possible.

94. Figure out a way to carpool/bus/walk to work at least some of the time.

95. Buy recycled paper products. Help make your part of the world a healthy part.

96. Get on your bike. Ride for 15 minutes. Get off.

97. Use natural, not artificial fragrances.

98. Turn down the volume on your headphones.

99. Make a list of all the reasons that being healthy is important to you. Post the list on the refrigerator where you will see it everyday.

100. Go outside.     

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